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How can we describe the beauty, joy and harmony of a unique and unrepeatable moment? We at GigaPresets have created and selected for you this specific presets for wedding photos which includes our creative, unique and extraordinary workflow:

  • 47 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 26 Local Adjustment Tool for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 16 Local Adjustment Brushes  for Lightroom Classic CC
  • Fully Customisable

Create in an instant a fantastic look that will surprise you; you will be able to arouse unique emotions that will make this wonderful day even more special. Give yourself something really important. 


  • Works with RAW & JPEG Images
  • Works for Mac, Pc, Android* and iOS* users
  • Fully customizable and instant download
  • Not-destructive workflow
  • Are not Photoshop actions

What’s included

  • 47 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 26 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 16 Local Adj. Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • XMP and IRT presets
  • Instructions


Presets and tools:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, CC, Classic CC, Lr Mobile*
  • Photoshop CS6, CC, 2020

Local Adjustments Brushes:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC only

Enhance your photos in an instant, experience the diiference yourself

Soft Beauty – Skin Retouch – Eyes Enhancer – Iris Enhancer – Final Contrast & Sharp

HDR indoor – ADJ Tonal Dark +

Bright Light – ADJ Save Highlight – ADJ Warm Highlight – ADJ Saturation Details

White tones – ADJ Warm Highlight

Contrast And Details – ADJ Filter Warming – ADJ Saturation

Weddings Day


Two Soul Two Rings – LR and ACR Presets Pro

These presets for Lightroom and ACR were made by professional photographers working in the weddings field. With these presets you can add a professional look to your photos with just a click and save a lot of time in post-production. In a couple of clicks, create a look that you never seen before.

The “Two Souls Two Rings” LR and ACR Presets Pro collection comes with 26 Local Adjustments (ADJ), 47 presets and 16 Local Adjustments Brushes for Lightroom Classic CC. With Local Adjustments (ADJ) you can make fine adjustments by changing only the specific parameter without altering the other settings. The 16 brushes that can be used with Lightroom Classic CC allow you to work locally on the photograph without altering the selected preset.

27 Local Adjustments (ADJ)

TONAL bright (+, ++), TONAL Dark (+,++), FILM Look I, FILM Look II, CURVE Contrast, FILTER Details, FILTER Save Highlights, FILTER Cold Highlights, FILTER Cold Shadows. FILTER Warm Highlights, FILTER Warm Shadows, FILTER, Flowers, FILTER Softness, FILTER Flou, COLOR Boost Red, COLOR Desaturate Red, COLOR Boost Green, COLOR Desaturate Green, COLOR Boost Blue, COLOR Desaturate Blue, GRAIN soft, GRAIN Medium, GRAIN Heavy, VIGNETTE soft, VIGNETTE Strong.

16 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom Classic CC only)

Burn, Contrast & Details, Cool Color,  Desaturate, Dodge, Dress Details, Eye In Focus, Eyes Enhancer, More Light, Skin Retouch, Soft Light, Warm Color, Warm Day, White Dress, White Teeth, Saturation Details.

47 Presets (see Presets Details)

47 Presets

  • B&W Bright Contrast – Light under exposure, strong contrast and clarity and maximum protection of the highlights. A result with a strong character that enhances the halftones and opens the shadows, maximum detail spread over the whole scene
  • B&W Ceremony – An excellent black & white preset with good contrast, a slight reduction in highlights and an increase in white and shadows. An overall balanced outcome that focuses on enhancing the white of the bride’s dress
  • B&W Classic – A black & white  obtained by reducing the highlights and increasing the shadows by adding a vignetting, so as to highlight every little detail.
  • B&W Contrast Grain – A preset for an analog photographic film look with a well-calibrated grain. The whites and blacks are strong and give a high contrast rich in details
  • B&W Cool – If you need a preset with cold reflections this is the one for you. Opening of shadows and protection of highlights. Blacks are rich in detail and the final image is well contrasted with a good tolerance on the complexion
  • B&W Dark Contrast – A preset characterized by a strong contrast and, at the same time, a maximum protection of the highlights and a strong opening of the shadows. With the opening on the blacks, in addition, we get as a result a strong diffuse detail of the subjects in the foreground and of the background, with a high sense of sharpness
  • B&W Deepest Dark – A high impact preset: deep contrast and matte look, decrease of details on whites and blacks with a bold and dramatic B&W
  • B&W Full Look – This preset adds contrast with highlights and highlighted whites, with cut shadows and blacks.
  • B&W Infrareed – This preset adds a lot of contrast, the lights are very bright and the shadows deep. Grays are widespread and homogeneous and blacks are full. The final rendering simulates the professional infrared effect
  • B&W Magical Day – With this preset we have privileged the naturalness to the image by increasing the exposure of whites and shadows while reducing the highlights. The bright whites and a delicate soft focus effect provide the image with a magical atmosphere
  • B&W  Natural Light – A warm look with good contrast, slight opening of the shadows and a slight reduction of the highlights. A very balanced overall outcome with a great balance with nostalgic flavor
  • B&W Pink Effect – A simple but impressive preset adds a light pink color to the photo
  • B&W Sepia – A high impact sepia effect with a slight opening on the shadows and a reduced contrast.
  • B&W Soft Harmony – This preset creates a very balanced soft image with a soft contrast and rich details which are evident especially on the wedding dress
  • B&W Softy – Dreamy image with very strong black tones, whites are bold with defined details, while the half tones are cut.
  • B&W Sunday Morning – Light sepia effect, brilliant image with excellent contrast and full-bodied skin tone.
  • B&W Tube – An intense sepia effect with bold whites and cut blacks that give a strong contrast to the image and a romantic atmosphere with a retro flavor
  • Bokeh – A split toning on the highlights that turn to warm shades while the shadows turn to a faint blue tint. The result remains balanced and pleasant with a note of freshness and originality
  • Bright & Contrast – Effect that accentuates the warm and deep colors with a decisive cut on the shadows and a soft opening on the lights, which are rich in details
  • Bright Light – This preset adds an atmosphere full of bright colors while giving brightness to the scene with soft openings on the shadows and bold and elegant whites
  • Cherry Blossom – A bold opening of the shadows and matte whites with a delicate chromatic persistence reminiscent of the color of the cherry trees in bloom. The result is a strong, detailed and elegant picture
  • Color Grade – A preset full of personality that gives us a “retro” atmosphere: the deep shadows and blacks are dominated by a persistent blue-cyan gradient while the bold whites take on a delicate magenta tint. Overall they give the image a delicate Polaroid Style effect
  • Contrast & details – Image with a strong and three-dimensional character because of the light strokes obtained through the wise balance of the play of contrasts. The saturated and warm colors and the richness of detail, together with the neutral whites, further enhance the general depth of the image
  • Dark To Bright – A true “rebirth” which, starting from the deep shadows and blacks, leads us to admire bold whites, bright and vivid colors and half-tones rich in detail. With the right skill in choosing the shot, you can obtain a brilliant result from an undertone and characterless image
  • Daylight – An interesting preset with an opening of the shadows and a reduction in the highlights. The detail is good with bright and balanced colors but with a slight “warm” dominant
  • Dream Day – A preset with a decisive and dreamy character characterized by very open whites without much detail. The colors are saturated and rich in shades tending to red that enhance the warm tones of the image. In addition, the softness of the details on the halftones and on the faces combined with the glare on the highlights provide a romantic dreamy atmosphere
  • Find The Way – A pleasant effect that desaturates the warm tones leaving the reds unchanged with a faint magenta reflection. The bold opening on the shadows and on the whites gives the photo lightness and spatiality while maintaining sobriety and delicacy
  • Glow Bright – The feeling of softness is enhanced to the extreme until a unique result is obtained. The desaturated colors and the closures of the shadows enhance the bride and the faces of the subjects giving a sober and elegant appearance, which is also very delicate and romantic
  • HDR Indoor – Total control over the dynamic range with perfect and balanced colors, homogeneous and incredibly detailed lights and shadows for a preset that simulates the HDR effect
  • Hollywood 30s – A dive into the past with an effect that at first glance might seem black and white: the enrichment with a faint color change tending to magenta and the persistence of desaturated colors simulate a retro shot but with a unique and incredibly current taste.
  • Ice Preset – Deep shadows and blacks, cold and slightly desaturated colors; whites remain neutral but with a contrasted and vintage-looking image
  • Like A Model – For the most important day, this preset could not be missing! It blends the shadows and blacks into gold, which are now more closed and bold. The skin takes on a dream color and the scene appears dramatic, while remaining elegant and regal
  • Matte Blue – Matte colors and cold shades characterize this unique taste preset. The slight shade of sugar paper color and the opacity make this setting the perfect example of a CineStyle moment
  • Matte Color – Matte colors and warm shades characterize this unique preset: saturated but balanced colors with a delicate blue ceremony nuance give elegance to a unique and unrepeatable moment.
  • Peach Flowers – Preset that increases the chromatic saturation of the scene with yellows and vivid colors to enhance the color of the bouquet and provide the image with a lively and romantic color
  • Retro Colors – A preset that accentuates the colors and brings out the details on the whites contrasting the halftones. A pleasant blue-magenta cast fades over the highlights and whites of the bride’s dress to give the photo a pleasant and bold retro look
  • Retro Matte – A preset that simulates analogue film with slightly faded blacks, the detail on the lights and the depth of the shadows are still high. A very interesting solution.
  • Retro Movie – A movie look with classic shadows and washed out blacks for a very pleasant and balanced final appearance
  • Retro Style – This preset simulates 8mm film with closed shadows and a good level of contrast with bold blacks and gently reduced colors.
  • Soft Close Up – Delicately washed out colors and bold blacks with soft, nuanced lights and whites for a dreamy and elegant overall look. The detail in the whites is good and makes this preset usable in different shooting situations.
  • Soft Dark – Delicately accentuated colors with deep and soft halftones and blacks. The detail is good on the lights and significantly improves the softness of the complexion giving it a glamorous appearance. A nice preset to be used in different shooting situations
  • Super 8 Film – Look of a very pasty and soft analog camera with the addition of a slight magenta cast more visible on whites and highlights. The washed out colors and a faint vignetting give it even more character
  • The Best Day – A preset designed for the most beautiful day. Open shadows with a very wide dynamic range, soft lights, bright colors for a general effect that provides transparency and lightness…conceived for an unforgettable occasion
  • Weddings Day – Full control over the highlights for perfect details on whites, even the shadows are full and rich in detail. A good general contrast with bright colors highlights the subjects providing three-dimensionality to the shot
  • White Dress – This preset is ideal for highlighting the bride’s white dress while keeping bright colors and high detail on the lights and whites. Excellent control of the complexion
  • White Matte – An interesting preset with a Tone Curve designed to produce soft shadows with washed out blacks. A very pleasant overall result
  • White Tones – A fresh preset with predominance of blue tones: a very lively preset with lights and whites into prominence while the weakly washed out colors provide transparency and clarity

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