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The birthday of your child, his first day at school, if more than once you have photographed the most intense, significant and unrepeatable moments of life, then this collection will help you and make you happy:

  • 35 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 28 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 29 Local Adjustment Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • Fully Customisable

This collection  will allow you in a few steps to fix in an indelible memory and with very high quality the naturalness, naivety, amazement and the extraordinary beauty of your child. Whether you are a proud parent or a professional photographer, do not hesitate: feel the difference!


  • Works with RAW & JPEG Images
  • Works for Mac, Pc, Android* and iOS* users
  • Fully customizable and instant download
  • Not-destructive workflow
  • Are not Photoshop actions

What’s included

  • 35 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 28 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 29 Local Adj. Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • XMP and IRT  presets
  • Instructions


Presets and tools:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, CC, Classic CC, Lr mobile*
  • Photoshop CS6, CC, 2020

Local Adjustments Brushes:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC only

Enhance your photos in an instant, experience the difference yourself

happiness portraits beforeSt The One – Skin Retouch – Color Peach – Iris Enhancer

St The One – Skin Retouch – Color Peach – Iris Enhancer

Happiness Portrait BeforeIntense Colors – Eyes Enhancer – Skin Bright

Intense Colors – Eyes Enhancer – Skin Bright – ADJ Shadow ++

happiness portraits beforeSt Bright Enhance – Iris Enhancer

St Bright Enhance – Iris Enhancer

happiness portraits beforeSt White Studio – Eyes Enhancer – ADj Brightess +

St White Studio – Eyes Enhancer – ADj Brightess +

Happiness Portrait beforeNice Vivid – Shadows & Light – ADJ Saturation

Nice Vivid – Shadows & Light – ADJ Saturation

BeforeIntense Tonal – Iris Enhancer – Color Rosy

Intense Tonal – Iris Enhancer – Color Rosy

Portrait Presets

Happiness Portraits – LR and ACR Presets Pro

These presets for Lightroom and ACR were made by professional photographers working in the portraits field. With these presets you can add a professional look to your photographs with a click and save a lot of time in post-production. In a couple of clicks, create a look that you never seen before.

Happiness Portraits LR and ACR Presets Pro collection comes with 35 Presets, 28 Local Adjustments (ADJ) and 29 Local Adjustments Brushes specific for Lightroom Classic CC. With the Local Adjustments (ADJ) you can make fine adjustments by changing only the specific parameter without altering the selected preset. The 29 brushes that can only be used with Lightroom Classic CC allow you to go to work specifically on the photograph without altering the presets.

* Presets are compatible with Lightroom Mobile App with Creative Cloud Subscription Plan (Paid Plan)

28 Local Adjustments (ADJ)

Brightness (+, ++), Darken (+,++), Contrast ( -, +), Shadows( – -,++), Clarity ( +,++), Red Tone, Green Tone, Blue Tone,  Filter Cooling, Filter Warming, Highlight Protection, Saturation, Desaturation, Grain soft, Grain Medium, Grain Heavy, Vignette Light, Vignette Medium, Vignette Heavy, Softness, Noise Reduction, Sharpen, Light Effect

29 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom Classic CC only)

Background Blur, Burn Brush, Cheeks Color Enhancer, Color Apricot, Color Cornflower, Color Peach, Color Purple, Color Rosy, Contrast Details, Contrast Foreground, Desaturate, Eyebrows Enhancer, Eyelashes Enhancer, Eyes Enhancer, Final Contrast & Sharp, Iris Enhancer, Lips Brighter, Lips Color, More Details, No Red Eyes, Perfect Hair, Porcelain Skin, Shadow & Light, Skin Bright, Skin Retouch, Skin Sun Tan, Soft Light, Skin Bright, Teeth White Texture Details

35 Presets (see Presets Details)

35 Presets:

  • B&W Classic A marked increase in the lights and an equally marked closure of the shadows for a decisive but balanced contrast, for a black & white with a classic taste that is well suited to various shooting conditions
  • B&W Deep – Deep blacks and bright whites with Matt shadows and halftones; a general high contrast for a homogeneous overall effect with a retro nostalgic but lively flavor
  • B&W Full Look – Delicate increase in contrast and exposure accompanied by a strong recovery on the lights and a slight opening of the shadows. Homogeneous opening of blacks and whites with a delicate soft focus effect that gives elegance and softness to the subject’s face
  • B&W Sepia – A good contrast that imitates the classic B&W but with a split toning of the highlights towards the Sepia for a balanced and characterful rendering
  • B&W Soft&Bright – Strong lights and bright whites with a widespread decrease in the details of the skin for a unique rendering that provides softness and brightness. Blacks and shadows maintain their natural appearance for a final performance with great impact.
  • Beautiful Face – Strong protection on highlights with very open shadows, where the contrast increases slightly as well as whites; slightly closed blacks and vibrant colors give beauty to the faces of all ages
  • Beauty In Evidence – A cut on the highlights and shadows with accentuated blacks and whites to obtain a contrasted but overall balanced image. Halftones are rich in detail with soft colors. The result is a portrait full of three-dimensionality
  • Beauty Warm – Sharp decrease in contrast with open shadows and whites for a unique soft feeling; the slight increase in saturation and warm tone give liveliness and warmth.
  • Caress On The face – The shadows and whites are slightly open with a recovery on the highlights; the contrast is very contained and the colors are saturated and bright for a result of lightness and dynamism
  • Colors Lips – Recovery on highlights, and very accentuated whites with a slight soft focus effect that balances the contrast and gives softness to the complexion. The colors are bright and dynamic. A lively preset suitable for achieving a beautiful appearance with beautiful lips
  • Color Pastel – A slight recovery on the lights with blacks and slightly Matt shadows for a pastel effect on the skin and on the face details
  • Crispy Desaturate – High protection on highlights, very open shadows and full blacks. Halftones rich in detail give faces a good feeling of plasticity
  • Eternal Youth  – Recovery on the highlights with slightly open shadows and delicately increased contrast, the colors are saturated and very lively to give your portraits a feeling of freshness and youth
  • Glow Bright Color – Very high contrast, recovery of highlights, open shadows and very low whites. Sharp decrease in saturation with very strong lights and decrease in detail with soft focus
  • Grunge – The contrast remains normal. Dull colors and increased sharpness of the skin details for a vintage-looking result. An interesting preset that combines drama and elegance
  • Intense Colors – A much-increased fine detail as well as the contrast, that is balanced by an extreme recovery on the highlights and by an opening of the shadows and whites. A soft focus completes this preset and gives a truly beautiful complexion
  • Intense Tonal – Slight overexposure and excellent protection of lights with faces that are very rich in detail. The contrasting halftones and the increase in saturation with bright colors make the faces lively and glamorous
  • Looks Like 70’ – A preset which opens on shadows with a delicate pink-magenta split toning accentuated on the shadows. The result is a photo with a retro flavor
  • Magazine Mood Slight overexposure with a persistent soft focus effect. Decreased saturation and contrast with a soft persistent blue cast in the shadows. The result has a flavor of journalistic reportage
  • Matte Retro A strong-character preset that emphasizes the face. Blacks and shadows washed out with a strong Matt accent. The highlights are protected and the details in the halftones very accentuated
  • Montecarlo Style – Shadows full of details, well-controlled lights with bright and never excessive colors. An elegant and charming preset with a unique style
  • Nice Skin – Decreased contrast and soft focus effect designed to decrease skin defects making it “soft”. Faces appear soft and the skin looks clean and delicate
  • Nice Vivid – High protection on highlights and open shadows while whites have discreetly increased. The colors are bright. Overall an excellent balance that gives elegance and sharm 
  • Only For Your Eyes – High fine detail, maximum recovery on the highlights and shadows completely open with slightly washed out blacks and slight desaturation. A fascinating result with incredible details suitable for a flawless young face that aims at moving people.
  • Pleasant Memory – A unique preset. Dull and black colors with matt effect with bold and well-balanced whites and lights. Excellently designed to create souvenir photos of our best times and beyond…
  • Soft Beauty – Bright colors and diffused brightness with an intense softening effect that makes the skin soft and free of defects. The whites are enhanced but with good recovery in the highlights. Excellent to give liveliness and charm to faces that are no longer young
  • ST_ Blue Soft – Good contrast and aperture on the shadows with the main feature of a split toning shaded in brown on the highlights and very intense blue on the shadows. The colors are very vibrant with almost monochromatic perception
  • ST_ Bright Enhance – Closed highlights while whites and shadows are open, blacks are deep and the detail is very good. The fairly marked vignetting highlights the light on the central subject
  • ST_ Color Bright – Weak overexposure with strong recovery of lights and open shadows. Full blacks and shadows which are slightly matt with accentuated and bright reds & yellows that give the photo a “warm” brightness
  • ST_ Like A Star – Light vignetting that enhances the brightness on the subject, very open shadows with slightly washed out blacks and increased sharpness. Split toning with a gray tinge on the highlights and a strong and dominant cyano hue on the shadows. A particular effect with a Cine Style flavor
  • ST_Matte Warm – Blacks and shadows slightly matt with a slight red cast on the shadows and saturated, bright colors
  • ST_ Matte White – Open shadows, reduced contrast and washed out blacks give a matt appearance for a photo with high spatiality
  • ST_ White Studio – Low contrast, bright whites and deep blacks with a slight overexposure give brightness for a final result that has strong transparency and unique clarity
  • ST_ Green Mood – A beautiful preset featuring a low contrast and a slight matt effect with an olive green split tone on the highlights and a blue-violet cast shaded on the shadows. Really successful.
  • ST_ The One – Slightly diminished contrast with lights, shadows and slightly increased whites; the blacks are instead very deep and the image is rich in fine details. A preset that suits different shooting situations thanks to its good balance

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