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How many times you have fantasized about the images of National Geographic unreachable up to now; stop dreaming! Now you can create these photographic masterpieces in a few simple clicks.

  • 35 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 12 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 10 Local Adjustment Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • Fully Customizable

We have created for you these specific presets which include our extraordinary workflow. From now on, your every shot will have skies with exciting colors, evocative and charming landscapes, extraordinary details, as only a professional landscape photographer can do. Experience the difference, turn your photos into a dream.


  • Works with RAW & JPEG Images
  • Works for Mac, Pc, iOS* and Android* users
  • Fully customizable and instant download
  • Not-destructive workflow
  • Are not Photoshop actions

What’s included

  • 35 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 12 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 10 Local Adj. Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • XMP or  IRT  presets
  • Instructions


Presets and tools:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, CC, Classic CC, Lr Mobile*
  • Photoshop CS6, CC, 2020

Local Adjustments Brushes:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC only

Enhance your photos in an instant, experience the diiference yourself

Nice Landscape – ADJ Dinamic Range

Holland – Lighten – Sharpen & Contrast

Super Color – ADJ Saturation – ADJ Dynamic R.

HDR Strong – Saturation

Sunrise Color

Venice Moody – Sky Enhancer – Lighten – Warm Color

Beautiful Nature Presets

Beautiful Nature – LR and ACR Presets Pro

These presets for Lightroom and ACR were made by professionals in landscape photography and a photographer published by National Geographic to offer you the best quality. With these presets you can add a professional look to your photographs with a click and save a lot of time in post-production. In a couple of clicks, create a look that you never seen before.

Beautiful Nature LR and ACR Presets Pro collection comes with 35 Presets, 12 Local Adjustments (ADJ) and 10 Local Adjustments Brushes specific for Lightroom Classic CC. With the Local Adjustments (ADJ) you can make fine adjustments by changing only the specific parameter without altering the selected preset. The 10 brushes that can only be used with Lightroom Classic CC allow you to work locally on the photograph without altering the presets.

12 Local Adjustments (ADJ)

Brightness, Dark, Light, Highlight Protection, Dynamic Range, Green Decrease, Blue Decrease, Enhance Blue Sky, Saturation, Vignetting, Warm Toning, Cold Toning

10 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom Classic CC only)

Cool Color, Darken, Desaturation, Highlights Protections , Lighten, Saturation, Sharpen & Contrast, Sky Enhancer,  Texture Details, Warm Color

35 Presets ( see Presets Details)

35 Presets

  • B&W Bright Landscape – A high contrast with very open shadows and blacks, maximum recovery on the highlights and clear and bold details. A lot of brightness and clarity for a feeling of great depth.
  • B&W Classic – Maximum opening of the shadows with highlights reduced to the maximum. The detail and texture are marked with a slight vignetting. A B&W of great temperament and classic taste
  • B&W Infrared – A Black & White mix studied in detail for a rendering that emulates the best-known infrared film
  • B&W Soft Reduced contrast, protected highlights, soft whites and slightly open shadows for a soft and balanced B&W
  • Basic Landscape – A preset with great balance and character: slightly open shadows, good recovery on the highlights, bright colors, texture and well-marked details. It adapts well to multiple shooting situations with excellent results, with no exaggeration
  • Blue Tone Split one blue with a bold shade on the shadows and a moderate soft focus effect that gives softness to the lights and details. Slight violet nuance on the lights.
  • Colored Sunset Accentuation of details and halftones, protections of lights, open shadows and deep blacks. A split tone studied in detail with an orange-magenta tinge on the shadows and a yellow tinge on the lights to make you relive the emotion of the setting sun.
  • Dark To Bright – Strong overexposure, open shadows, increased whites, an accentuated saturation, designed to restore vitality to the shots that are faded and strongly underexposed
  • Delicate – Good protection of the highlights, details well defined, moderately open shadows and full blacks. A gentle approach for a clean result
  • Dream Night Cool Bold overexposure, open shadows, increased whites, an accentuated saturation make it an excellent ally for faded shots or for the night landscapes that need to be characterized
  • Foggy Morning – Weak underexposure with reduced clarity and pronounced soft focus effect, increased saturation, optimized color mix and delicate vignetting. it is truly remarkable in simulating the effect of fog in the early morning
  • HDR – Classic – A must studied in detail to provide you with a professional result with a great balance and wide use. Extended dynamic range performance without ever exaggerating
  • HDR Strong  – In this case, the extension of the dynamic range intervenes not only on blacks and shadows but also on intermediate tones, increasing clarity and sharpness effect for a strong increase in details and texture. It must be tried.
  • Holland – High contrast, good recovery on shadows and increased details. The colors are saturated and vivid. A strong pink hue on the lights makes it very suitable for landscapes at sunrise or sunset, or just when you want to add character to a chromatically weak photo
  • Impressive – Saturated and bright colors, firm but balanced contrast, sharpness and increased details for a winning color rendering. A truly beautiful effect, suitable for giving liveliness and drama to many types of landscape even with different light conditions. A unique result
  • Lofoten – Very saturated colors and fully open shadows, the highlights are protected to the maximum and the colors are very vibrant. Indicated to give brightness and spatiality to slightly gray and underexposed landscapes
  • Nice Landscape – Shadows more open and rich in detail. The blacks are open, the high lights protected so as not to burn the sky. A color mix designed to increase the blue of the sky and the green of the trees to which a further extension of the dynamic range is added
  • Northern Light – Unchanged saturation in order not to alter the naturalness of the colors. The exposure is designed to show this wonder of nature with elegance and charm
  • Polaroid Look – Medium protection on the lights with dull whites and washed out blacks, optimized color curves with a green-cyano color change on the shadows but with strong shades of magenta on the lights. All this to give us the feeling of using the positive Polaroid film
  • Retro Color – Maximum protection of the highlights so as not to burn the sky, open shadows to give depth, and strong and bold whites. The colors are full and dynamic with halftones full of detail. A decisive cut at the ends of the Tone Curve completes this retro-flavored preset
  • Soft Landscape – Increase of the lights on the halftones, clear recovery of the highlights, open shadows and slightly washed out blacks with a bold soft focus effect and a faint violet tinge on the shadows for a soft and ethereal rendering. It is suitable also to recover overexposed photos.
  • Soft Landscape bright – Strong increase of the lights on the midtones, clear recovery of the highlights, open shadows and slightly washed out blacks with a modest soft focus effect and an increase in sharpness and texture.
  • Sunrise Color – Preset designed to emphasize the magic of the landscape at dawn, strong contrast, sharp openings on the shadows, cut whites and increased sharpness: all this is accompanied by a strong pink tint on the lights and saturated and vivid colors
  • Super 8 Film Significantly desaturated colors and variation of the chromatic tone towards violet with a strong vignetting. The result is a look that is reminiscent of the Super 8 film in a nostalgic memory style
  • Super Color – A strong contrast with vivid colors, maximum protection of the highlights, open shadows and diminished whites with extended dynamic range. Chromatic adjustment towards the color contrast for a dynamic and lively effect
  • Tone Warm- A marked increase in warm tones with increased contrast and a strong split toning on the highlights make the landscape romantic and very dreamy
  • Venice Moody Opening of the Tone Curve on the lights, slight increase of the luminance on the yellows and of the saturation with a strong opening on the shadows and recovery on the highlights
  • Very Bright – Very open shadows, strong overexposure, strong whites and protected highlights. Weft and saturation increase with slight vignetting. From a slightly underexposed photo you get a landscape with a strong character and full light
  • Vibrant Landscape – Extended dynamic range with saturated and vibrant colors, increased texture and details with a diffused but well controlled brightness
  • Vintage Landscape – A pronounced vignette effect that gives the landscape drama with a decrease in saturation and a slight violet hue on the shadows, for a truly beautiful vintage effect
  • Vivid Landscape – Extended dynamic range with saturated and vivid colors, open shadows and washed out blacks that are rich in detail. Reduced contrast with green split tone on the shadows and magenta nuance on the lights for a renewed vivacity and dynamism
  • Warm Sunset – Accentuated whites with open shadows and light protections, increased sharpness and saturation of warm shades. Pink split tone on highlights and shadows, all optimized to emphasize at the best the magical moment of the landscape at sunset
  • Water Preset – Great transparency and delicate matt effect for a preset with a unique taste, dreamy like the reflections on the water, but with a bold and romantic character
  • Wild Landscape – Very wide dynamic range with recovery of highlights and open shadows. Increased sharpness with a pink split tone on the highlights and a green tinge on the shadows that provide a wild flavor
  • Winter Landscape High protection of the lights with very open shadows and full blacks. Saturated and vibrant colors with greatly enhanced details.

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