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Green Hues


Original price was: $29.Current price is: $9.

Each of us has always tried to capture the splendor of nature. Whether you are a traveler, a photographer or a nature lover with these specific mobile presets you can breathe new life into your nature shots.
With Green Hues you can get from faded greens and elegant shades of yellow, with a vintage atmosphere, or full and elegant greens with the skin tones of your subjects always correct.
Get excited with the enchanted beauty of nature, perfect for your instagram and social shots.

Green Hues Lightroom Presets


  • Optimized for  RAW & JPEG Mobile images ratio
  • Works for  iOS, Android, Mac and PC users
  • Not-destructive workflow
  • Instant download

What’s included

  • 10 Mobile Presets for Free Mobile Lightroom App and Paid Plan
  • 10 DNG files for Lightroom Mobile
  • 10 XMP files for Lightroom Desktop
  • Instructions


  • Free Lightroom Mobile App
  • Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Camera Raw
  • They can also be used on desktop with Lightroom Classic


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