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Magic Skin – Eyes Blur Corrector – Eyes Bright & Sharp

Soft Retouch – Whiten Eyes – Defects Remover

Perfect Face Light – Dark Circles Reduce – Eyes Bright & Sharp

Soft Shadows – Porcelain – Dark Circles Reduce

Magic Skin – Skin Tone Pearl

Magic Skin – Defects Remover


Eyes Retouch

Lips & Teeth Retouch

Magic Skin

Beauty Retouch


Perfect Portraits – Free Photoshop Actions Panel

Perfect Portraits is the specific Photoshop Actions Panel for the immediate and professional retouching of your portrait shots. The graphic layout and our actions are designed and developed in order to optimize the workflow, making it fluid and organized, while drastically reducing your interaction with the structured Photoshop interface. This way you can always have your creative process under control and save a lot of time in post-production.

Processing your portraits has never been so easy, in a few moments you will get the incredible results that only an expert photographer could achieve.

Free Perfect Portraits – Photoshop Actions Panel comes with 6 Power Actions for Photoshop CC:

Perfect Portrait Page


  • Magic Skin – This action creates a brush that, when passed on the skin of your subject, gives softness without altering the texture of even the smallest details. As if by magic, you will achieve a fashion result with the pores of the skin still visible. Very suitable for young faces or faces with make-up where there is no need to soften the details but, instead, we want to achieve the pleasant effect of a dream skin.
  • Perfect Face Light – This brush intervenes on the brightness, in addition to softening the details of the skin of your subject’s face. Open the action folder and select the “Brightness Adjustment” level, move the slider until you get the desired brightness level, then select “Perfect Light” and adjust the opacity to increase or decrease the “Blur” effect.


  • Bright and Sharp – This brush gives shine and detail to the eyes in only one stroke: pass it over the entire eye and adjust the levels until you get the result you need.
  • Blur Corrector– When it comes to portraits the eyes play a fundamental role.

During the shooting sessions the eyes are not always in perfect focus: with this specific brush you can effectively remedy in post-production! Launch the action separately for one eye and for the other and intervene in a targeted manner on the amount of desired effect.

Perfect Tools Page


  • Beauty in Evidence Highlights recovered and moderately open shadows with strong vignetting and a warm cast lend emphasis and romance to the foreground subject. Adjust the levels as you like to get the perfect result you are looking for. A really nice preset.
  • Fashion Matte A decisive Matte effect that enhances the colors with warm shades; a very fashionable result with an incredible charm. Try it on your slightly anonymous shots and you will see the strength of the result
  1. Our actions are optimized to work better with images with a resolution of 6000×4000 dpi or higher. When using images at a lower resolution it could happen that the effect of the action is overpowered it is recommended to reduce the opacity of the layer to attenuate the effect. 
  2. The actions work best with RAW images because it is an uncompressed format, when the same action is used with jpeg images it may be that the effect is stronger, just decrease the opacity of the layer
  3. The creative  actions work on the “ Background ” layer so it is important that the image you want to edit is called Background and is positioned as the first layer of Photoshop ( Background Layer )