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This extraordinary collection of presets and Lightroom brushes, inspired and designed in detail to portrait photography, completes our work flow and allows you to enhance the beauty of the woman in all her splendid uniqueness;

  • 35 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 26 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 26 Local Adjustment Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • Fully Customisable

With a few simple steps in a moment you will get portraits with a unique and extraordinary charm that will leave you stunned. If you also think that Beauty is capable of filling the heart with harmony, raising the spirit, making happiness tangible... then this is the collection for you.


  • Works with RAW & JPEG Images
  • Works for Mac, Pc, Android* and iOS* users
  • Fully customizable and istant download
  • Not-destructive workflow
  • Are not Photoshop actions

What’s included

  • 35 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 26 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 26 Local Adj. Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • XMP or IRT  presets
  • Instructions


Presets and tools:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, CC, Classic CC, Lr mobile*
  • Photoshop CS6, CC, 2020

Local Adjustments Brushes:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC only

Enhance your photos in an instant, experience the difference yourself


Gaze of Seduction – Color Desaturate – Iris Enhancer

Reborn With Love – ADJ Vignette Soft – Skin Smoother Retouch – Eyes Retouch

Fantasy – Skin Smoother Retouch – Eyes Enhancer                  .

Dream Skin – Skin Smoother Retouch – Shadows & Light – Eyes Enhancer

Beach Summer – ADJ Brighten + – Eyes Enhancer             .

Janet – Color Desaturate – Eyes Enhancer – Skin Smoother Retouch

Bless The Beauty

Bless The Beauty – LR and ACR Presets Pro

These presets for Lightroom and ACR were made by professional photographers working in the portraits and fashion field. With these presets you can add a professional look to your pictures with a click and save a lot of time in post-production. In a couple of clicks, create a look that you never seen before.

Bless The Beauty LR and ACR Presets Pro collection comes with 35 Presets, 26 Local Adjustments (ADJ) and 26 Local Adjustments Brushes specific for Lightroom Classic CC. With the Local Adjustments (ADJ) you can make fine adjustments by changing only the specific parameter without altering the selected preset. The 26 brushes that can be used only with Lightroom Classic CC allow you to work specifically on the picture without altering the presets.

* Presets are compatible with Lightroom Mobile App with Creative Cloud Subscription Plan (Paid Plan)

26 Local Adjustments (ADJ)

TONAL Lighten (+, ++), TONAL Bright Down (+,++), CINE Look (I, II), CURVE Contrast, FILTER Save Highlights, FILTER Cold Highlights, FILTER Warm Highlights, FILTER Cold Shadows, FILTER Warm Shadows, FILTER Flowers, FILTER Softness, FILTER Flou, COLOR Boost Red, COLOR Desaturate Red, COLOR Boost Green, COLOR Desaturate Green, COLOR Boost Blue, COLOR Desaturate Blue, GRAIN Soft-Medium-Heavy, VIGNETTE Soft, VIGNETTE Strong.


26 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom Classic CC only)

Background Blur, Black and White, Burn Brush, Cheeks Color Enhancer, Color Desaturate, Contrast Details, Contrast Foreground, Eyebrows Enhancer, Eyelashes Enhancer, Eyes Enhancer, Eyes Whiten, Fill Flash, Iris Enhancer, Lips Brighter, Lips Color, More Details, Perfect Hair, Save Highlights, Shadow & Light, Skin Bright, Skin Smoother Retouch, Skin Sun Tan, Soft Light, Teeth White, Texture Details, Vitalizer

35 Presets (see Presets Details)

35 Presets

  • B&W Classic Beauty A very well balanced preset obtained by reducing the highlights and increasing the shadows for a very elegant portrait with a classic flavor full of details
  • B&W Harmony – Protected  high lights with open shadows, blacks are full and bold while the detail is everywhere clearly defined. Homogeneous and well-balanced result, suitable to add harmony and delicacy to your portrait
  • B&W Into The Beauty – Deep and bold blacks and whites accentuated with increased shadows and highlights. The result is a portrait full of softness and “depth” with a hint of drama but always in perfect balance, suitable to highlight the beauty of the face
  • B&W Queen Of Stage – Truly a beautiful B&W characterized by a delicate softness of the details of the face with an increased contrast and a diffuse Matt effect that gives charm and elegance to your subject’s face
  • B&W Timeless Charm – Strong protection of the highlights and slightly accentuated shadows, with a delicate split toning of the yellow-green shades. A B&W with a retro flavour but with a current and modern taste
  • Beach Summer – Open shadows and shallow blacks, the highlights are contained while the contrast is slightly increased, the colors are vivid.
  • Indicated to give brightness and “space” to a slightly dark and not very lively portrait
  • Bless of Beauty Saturated and bold colors with a slight increase in exposure and contrast; whites, shadows and open blacks, split toning of the highlights towards magenta. A preset that can be indicated to give the feeling of freshness and “spatiality” to your portrait
  • Deep Blue– High lights protected with increased shadows and whites, very bright and saturated color shifted towards cold shades with a strong cyan split toning on the shadows and violet-pink on the lights. A preset with a strong impact useful to give character to an anonymous-looking portrait
  • Dream Skin- Slightly desaturated colors which are  however still lively and shifted towards warm tones. Delicate overexposure with well-controlled high lights, blacks and open shadows. Very nice to provide delicacy and elegance
  • Eternal Beauty- Maximum protection on highlights and open shadows, moderately denatured color and greatly enhanced details. Split toning on the highlights towards the cyan-violet. A preset indicated to add drama with a vintage but current taste, a beauty that is truly still over time
  • Eyes on Her Opening of the shadows with delicately contained highlights, the colors are full and vivid and the details defined: especially suitable to give a touch of vitality and freshness to portraits with colors and details that appear too soft
  • Fairytale Face General balance of contrast and brightness, washed out colors  with a marked shift in colder shades, bold split toning of the highlights towards pink-magenta. All this to give your shot a dreamy, elegant and balanced look
  • Fantasy Accentuated brightness and balanced contrast with delicately enhanced but well balanced greens, bright colors and split toning towards warm shades of shadows:a really nice preset to be used to give elegance and character to your portrait but without ever being excessive
  • Fashion Style Truly a unique preset of its kind, deep blacks and open shadows with an increased contrast on the lights, the colors are denatured but lively with a strong split toning on the high lights towards a delicate green. The diffused softness of the facial details completes it and makes it very romantic and full of charm
  • Fatal Attraction – Sharp contrast and slight increase in exposure accompanied by a slight recovery of the highlights with vibrant-looking colors and accentuated details. A preset indicated to give character to a slightly underexposed portrait with weak colors
  • .
  • Fresh Morning Full and bright colors and accentuated details, the red shades are slightly decreased with a slightly increased contrast. These are the main characteristics. Suitable for a young face free from defects to further enhance the beauty of the look and the richness of the details
  • Gaze of Seduction Bright colors with a very diffused softness of the skin, accentuated brightness and contrast with a magenta split toning on the highlights: recommended in many shooting situations to give brightness and character or recover portraits with a fair underexposure
  • I Love Grunge Maximum protection of the highlights and open shadows, the colors are not very saturated and washed out, the details are bold and well-defined; a strong split toning on the highlights towards the cyan completes the scene. This preset is suitable to give a well-balanced vintage look with a bold and grunge-style character
  • Janet High brightness but protected high lights, very bright colors and well-balanced warm tones. Suitable for little underexposed portraits, or simply to give more vitality and “space” to your shot
  • Like a Dream – Slight overexposure with well protected high lights, the colors are saturated and very bright: a really nice preset that gives a nice touch of vitality to your portrait
  • Lovely – Blacks are deep with bright colors and delicately protected highlights: this preset is suitable to highlight the subject’s face against the
  • background and giving your shot three-dimensionality
  • Mood Skin Increased contrast and slightly open shadows with a very pronounced softness of the skin details. Recommended to create a romantic and dreamy effect for your portrait, also suitable for faces that are no longer young or where we want to hide small defects and imperfections
  • Reborn With Love – Low contrast, protected highlights and increased shadows with accentuated face details, that are never too much. Slight increase in saturation, bright colors and contained contrast. A great-balance preset recommended for younger faces
  • Romance Bright colors but contained in saturation, slight shift towards cold tones with well-balanced shadows and lights: a very well-balanced preset that never exceeds, also indicated for recovering slightly overexposed portraits
  • Serenity A split toning with the highlights towards the cyan with the colors slightly toned towards the colder shades, suitable for pictures that do not require particular corrections but simply an extra touch for a definitive result
  • Softness Slightly reduced contrast, warm colors and reduced and diffused details. No intervention on lights and shadows, very suitable for a face that is no longer young or in any case to clear it from defects and imperfections
  • Special Magazine The blacks are deep and the reduced contrast, with a considerable decrease of the details, very suitable to give the face a youthful, fresh and a little dreamy appearance
  • Special Mood A decisive split toning on green shades. A preset with a strong character and a slightly retro flavour, really beautiful and suitable to give your portrait a touch of personality
  • Sweet Caress Bright colors with protected high lights, deep blacks and softness of the details with a delicate split toning on the shadows towards the cyan for a soft and very delicate complexion
  • The Best Ever – Washed blacks and maximum protection on highlights; the colors are bright and there is a strong split toning towards pink. Truly a nice preset that highlights the beauty of the face emphasizing the complexion with a lot of balance and plasticity
  • Venice Moody High protected lights and very open shadows, the colors are very saturated and vivid, while the details are emphasized. If you want to give a touch of liveliness to a portrait that is a little too dull, then this is the preset for you
  • Vogue Styles Very deep blacks and protected whites, the detail is diminished while the feeling of transparency increases: a preset with an incredible style and irresistible charm, suitable also for too bright portraits with little character
  • Wake Up In the Spring Deep blacks and increased exposure, the details are accentuated as well as the highlights. Split toning on the highlights towards magenta and towards violet on shadows. The result is a preset with a fresh flavor, suitable also for slightly underexposed photos
  • White Mood – White has increased everywhere, even the details are accentuated, with a slight overexposure to the highlights. A decisive split toning towards the “violet” completes this preset with a very original and fashionable unique taste
  • Young & Beautiful Warm and bright colors, delicacy in the details with well-balanced lights: a skillfully dosed mix to give the face a young and dreamy look
  • B&W Cool – Soft and diffused details with open shadows and protected high lights; a strong Matt effect characterizes this preset that transforms your portrait making it modern with a lot of charm

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