General Information

What are Presets?
In Adobe Lightroom presets are a set of pre-settings, previously developed, which allow with a click to apply these adjustments to a photography both in RAW and JPEG format. Presets are used both to easily replicate some photographic styles, to be applied in photographs, and to speed up their workflow, for example by applying the same preset to several photos at the same time (batch). Once the selected preset has been applied, it will always be possible, based on our needs, to make changes by moving the sliders related to the setting to be modified. Having many adjustments, each preset will look different and this will allow us to easily find the one that will give the perfect look to each of our photographs. The best presets are those developed by professional photographers because thanks to their experience they guarantee the highest possible quality.
What are Local Adjustments (ADJ)?

Local Adjustments are defined adjustments that act on a specific parameter without altering the other adjustments that have been made to the photo. Local Adjustments (ADJ) are developed and optimized to be used after the choice of the preset as an additional “fine” adjustment for a more accurate and complete control on the effect of the presets. Our Local Adjustments are compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw (ACR).

What are Adjustment Brush?

While Presets and Local ADJs make changes to the entire photo, brushes are powerful tools for making changes to a specific area of ​​a photo, such as lightening a face to make it stand out better in a portrait, or improve the color of the sky in a landscape “painting” directly on the photos. It is advised to use them only after adding and adjusting the selected preset as a further powerful retouching tool; in any case the local regulations are not destructive and are not applied definitively to the photo. The use of brushes is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop are not recommended.

Can I use your Presets on images for commercial use? is really proud of its customers and does all it can to show their gratitude by committing to creating increasingly high-performance tools so that our customers can express their great effectiveness in their creativity by perfecting their images to the highest level both for personal and commercial use. Images for commercial use must comply with our terms of use and our products cannot be used in templates for sale or to make new actions, overlays, or presets.

Information on purchases

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express, VISA, Apple Pay MasterCard and PayPal. PayPal does not require a credit card and can be activated using only a bank account.

Do you accept international orders?

We are an American company; we gladly accept orders for our products from anywhere in the world and we are proud of our presence on the international market. Our products have been developed and optimized with Adobe Photoshop in English (users that work with Adobe Photoshop CC and/or other Adobe products can also enjoy the benefits of our products). As for national purchases, we accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

What is your return policy?

As our products are digital, consistent with major manufacturers in the sector, does not provide refund or exchange. However, as we value our customers satisfaction, any concerns regarding your purchase we remain at your complete disposal, email us at and we will do our best to solve the problem.

What is your replacement policy if I lose my products?

We would advise customers to backup the purchased product once downloaded for the first time. If a backup has not been made, the customer can redownload the file from our website by logging in with the account profile made at the time of purchase. The product can be downloaded a maximum of 3 times.

How is delivery of the purchase made?

As soon as the purchase is made, the customer will receive an email to download the product. If for any reason the customer does not receive the email for downloading, we recommend checking the spam folder first or alternatively checking the email address used at the time of purchase.  If the problem remains the customer can download the file from our website by logging in with the account profile made at the time of purchase. If all these options do not  work, contact our team at and we will respond during business hours. The products are all digital copies and can only be sent by e-mail or downloaded from our website.

Do you register your customers in subscription services?

All of our products are one off purchases, there are no monthly subscription fees.

Access the purchase through your account

During the purchase process, there is  prompt to automatically create an account on our website. The customer can access their client area and check the orders made or, if necessary, still download a product previously purchased. If you decide to create your account linked to your orders, select the icon at the top of the home page and follow the instructions. Please ensure the same email is used for both the registration of the account and for the purchase of the desired product.

Do you offer discount codes or coupons?

Our products have very competitive prices compared to products discovered elsewhere. Our goal is to offer the best products with the most reasonable price on the web considering the high standards and the total value of our items. Our presets and our actions are designed at a higher quality, their uniqueness and are incredibly high performing. By following us on social media and on the most important photography sites you will come across very cheap promotions and flash offers for our products.

Can I share the article I purchased with a friend or relative?

All items sold by are protected by copyright and by the laws on intellectual property, therefore even the simple sharing of any content constitutes a copyright infringement and is prohibited.

Download and installation

After I have downloaded the product how do I open the file to retrieve my items?

Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email on which to click to download the purchased item. After downloading the file select the “save” item instead of opening the file directly, you will often find it in a folder called “download”. The download is compressed into a ZIP file (.zip). Most computers already have an integrated .zip extraction software. For Mac users simply double-click on the zipped file to open the content. PC users will right-click on the file and then select extract all. It is possible that some computers may automatically decompress the file upon download. However, if your computer does not have the built-in .zip extraction software, you can search online and download free decompression programs for your PC or Mac. You do NOT need to pay for a decompression program to open your downloaded file.

Software compatibility

All our products, presets, actions and overlays are fully compatible with PC and Mac. Our products have been developed and optimized with photoshop in English however anyone using Photoshop CC and Adobe products in a language other than English can buy and enjoy the benefits of our products in absolute tranquility. In detail:

All our presets are designed to be used with the best-selling Adobe photography software such as Lightroom and Photoshop ACR.

The presets configured for Lightroom are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5, 6, Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. They are also compatible on the Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app for iOS or Android.

The presets configured for Photoshop ACR are compatible with Adobe Bridge Camera Raw (ACR) and Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw (ACR). They are therefore compatible with versions of Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. Our presets do not work with Photoshop Elements.

How to install Lightroom and ACR Presets

How to install Lightroom Brushes

How to install Lightroom Mobile Presets

Troubleshooting Faq

E-mail download does not work or you do not have received the e-mail with the link to download the order?

In the first case, log in to your account again to download the files because the links expire 72 hours after sending, in the second if for any reason the customer does not receive the email for downloading, we recommend checking first in the anti-mail folder spam or alternatively verify the email address used at the time of purchase. However also in this case, if the problem remains, the customer can download the file from our website by logging in with the account profile made at the time of purchase. If it still does not solve the problem, the customer can contact us by email at and in normal working time we will send the email again for download.

At the time of payment, does the message appear that the transaction cannot be processed?

It may be a problem of decline on the part of the bank or you simply entered the card data incorrectly to remedy it simply by trying to clear the cache and re-enter the information, if it still does not work try changing the credit card.

I lost the presets because my computer broke as I do?

The customer connecting to our site through his account that he created at the time of purchase once logged in, will find his orders, with further downloads available in the “Download” tab and can download them again for 3 times before the connection expires.

Do you have a problem with Photoshop in running one or more of your products that are no longer working properly?

The most useful and immediate solution is to reset the Photoshop preferences file. To do this, on the Windows platform press and hold Alt + Command + Shift (Windows) while on Mac OS press Option + Command + Shift (Mac OS) while starting Photoshop. You are prompted to delete the current settings. New preference files are created the next time you start Photoshop. If the same problems persist when the system restarts, we recommend that you reinstall both Photoshop and the package with our items.

I imported presets but can’t see them why?

If you are importing presets with Adobe Camera Raw open, remember that they will only be visible when Photoshop restarts.

Where can I read what the presets are, and what they do?

If you go to the presets purchase page you will find the photographic examples of the “before-after” and immediately below, the list written with the names of the presets and of what effect they apply in detail every single preset,