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If you have always wanted to have, in a single product, something that allows you to face the elaboration of various shooting situations then surely this is a Must Have to which you cannot absolutely give up.

  • 35 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 12 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 15 Local Adjustment Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • Fully Customisable

Focus only on the composition and the decisive moment of the shot; for the post-production we can help you with our creative, unique and extraordinary workflow. With a few simple steps, in fact, you will get truly perfect photos, whether it is images created for your business or for passion.


  • Works with RAW & JPEG Images
  • Works for Mac, Pc, iOS* and Android* users
  • Fully customizable and istant download
  • Not-destructive workflow
  • Are not Photoshop actions

What’s included

  • 35 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR
  • 12 Local Adjustment Tool for Lr & Photoshop ACR
  • 15 Local Adj. Brushes Lr Classic CC
  • XMP or IRT  presets
  • Instructions


Presets and tools:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, CC, Classic CC, Lr mobile*
  • Photoshop CS6, CC, 2020

Local Adjustments Brushes:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC only

Enhance your photos in an instant, experience the diiference yourself

Super Color – ADJ Saturation – Bright Contrast

Nature – Sky Recovery – ADJ Highlight Protections – Saturation Adjustment

Sunny Day


Just Look – Bright Shadows – Beautiful Eyes

Balance – ADJ Clarity & Contrast

Essential Presets

Essentials – LR and ACR Presets Pro

These presets for Lightroom and ACR were made by professionals and photography enthusiasts. With these presets you can add a professional look to your photographs with just a click and save a lot of time in post-production. In a couple of clicks, create a look that you never seen before.

Essentials LR and ACR Presets Pro collection comes with 35 Presets, 12 Local Adjustments (ADJ) and 15 Local Adjustments Brushes specific for Lightroom Classic CC. With the Local Adjustments (ADJ) you can make fine adjustments by changing only the specific parameters without altering the selected preset. The 15 brushes that can be used only with Lightroom Classic CC allow you to work locally on the picture without altering the presets.

12 Local Adjustments (ADJ)

Clarity & Contrast, Cold Lights, Details, Highlights Protection, More Bright, More Dark, Noise Reduction, Saturation, Shadow +, Sunlight On The Left, Sunlight On the Right, Warm Lights

15 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom Classic CC only)

BW, Beautiful Eyes, Bright Contrast, Bright Shadows, Brighten, Darken, Enhancer Color, Highlights Recovery, Highlights Protection,  Lighten, More Details, Natural Skin No Over Saturation, Sharpen, Sky Recovery

35 Presets (see Presets Details)

35 Presets

  • B&W Classic – High protection of the highlights with an increase in whites and opening on the shadows, clear and sharp details: a very elegant and balanced preset suitable for many shooting situations.
  • B&W HDR Set A preset with a very wide dynamic range, with protected lights and sharp blacks. The details are enhanced but they do not affect the perfect balance. This truly nice preset adapts well to contrasted scenes with varying brightness.
  • B&W Infrared – A preset designed to simulate the infrared film.
  • B&W Nostalgia – High corrected lights and contained whites, slight overexposure with a slight increase in sharpening give the image a sense of space and depth.
  • B&W Soft & Clean – Good protection on lights with open shadows. Delicate softness of details with a slight soft focus effect that gives softness and a “silky” complexion for an even smoother result. The result is a great plasticity.
  • Balance – Marked but well controlled contrast with a slightly matt background which provides depth and emphasis. Suitable for photos with little contrast and little character.
  • Fairy Tale – Warm lights, light soft focus effect that gives softness, increased brightness and bright colors. This effect provides softness and dynamism to your shots.
  • Family – Slight contrast and weak matte effect with well-balanced lights and warm colors. It can be used also with family photos or to give elegance and character to group photos
  • Film Look – A preset that recalls the look of the photos left in the drawer and opened after a few years. You can give character to your wedding photos or in all those situations to which you want to add a vintage taste
  • Flowering – A look that gives your images a spring flavor. Softness and lightness prevail; suitable for all outdoor shots or, in any case, to give a sense of happiness and light-heartedness to the subject.
  • Full Contrast – A rendering of the image with a strong contrast and emphasized details. Blacks are full and the high lights protected; it is indicated to highlight the subject but with a lot of balance.
  • Glow Bright – Increased contrast, white and high lights very protected, diffuse glow with delicately denatured shots: the result is a preset with a dreamy and delicate taste suitable for the photos where you want to underline the magic of the moment
  • Gold Autumn – Warm colors, very dim lights, indicated in all those situations in which you want to balance an overexposed shot with weak colors.
  • Green Mood – Accentuated contrast with a marked split toning on the lights and shadows towards the green, a vintage-flavored preset that is well suited to give character to a photo that would be flat
  • Happiness – Vivid and saturated colors with emphasized warm tones, the brightness is increased. A truly beautiful preset suitable for livening up a landscape or any other subject worthy of being enhanced
  • HDR Set – A preset with an extended dynamic range, the lights are protected with bold blacks, the details are accentuated but they don’t affect the perfect balance. The colors remain balanced. A result that adapts well to scenes with an uneven light distribution.
  • I Like It– Strong protection of whites with open blacks and bright colors with increased greens, contained yellows and slightly increased orange-reds. Suitable for situations of slightly underexposed photos with weak colors.
  • Just Look – A bold split toning towards blue shades: the colors are turned towards cold shades while the lights, shadows, whites and blacks remain perfectly balanced. With this preset you can give character to your photo to make it incredibly unique.
  • Landscape – A preset designed to make the most of the enchantment of the landscapes, very balanced and not excessive, very rich in details and space.
  • Matt Look – Good protection of open lights and shadows. The colors are toned down, the details instead are well-marked, a good result with a delicately balanced matt effect
  • Mixed – High contrast, saturated and lively warm colors, suitable to highlight the subject and give freshness with a nice dose of character.
  • Moody Bright – The colors are gently turned towards cold shades with good protection of the lights and open blacks; a marked split toning on the shadows and the softness of the details with a slight flou effect make it suitable for landscapes or for all those subjects to whom you want to give magic and romance.
  • Nature – Low contrast with bright lights and enhanced details. The colors appear slightly desaturated but lively. Especially indicated to give brightness to underexposed scenes
  • Nostalgic Movie – Truly a nice preset reminiscent of a film from the past: it is particularly suitable for those photos we want to give a very narrative retro look to
  • Oregon Dark To Sun – Bright colors and accentuated brightness: it will be a rebirth for your shot. Perfect for slightly gray photos, it gives charm and beauty
  • Pastel color – So much softness, so much brightness: the washed out colors and the soft effect make it a preset with a sweet and velvety taste perfect for representing moments of serenity and calm.
  • Powerfull – Lots of light, lots of color, blacks and shadows are open. A preset with a strong character that gives vitality and youth to your shots.
  • Pro Color – High contrast, very saturated but not very bright colors, the color temperature is shifted towards warm shades, the detail remains very good. A very nice outcome rich in charm with beautiful colors with a slightly vintage flavor
  • Punch Tonal – Slightly contained contrast, open shadows with protected lights, the colors are very saturated and very lively with lots of detail. It is suitable to provide color and energy to photos that are a little subdued
  • Retro Colors – Very bright colors with pronounced details. The result is a very balanced beautiful matt color. It can be used in many shooting situations to give a touch of romanticism with a pictorial taste
  • Retro Style – Desaturated but warm and entrancing colors, high but not excessive contrast: a dive into the past with a nostalgic flavor
  • Soft Light – Soft focus effect with colors and lights that remain very balanced. Softness, delicacy, dream: three words are enough to make you understand what you can achieve with this preset
  • Sunny Days This effect is reminiscent of a sunny landscape, kids in the summer playing on the beach or hiding in the corn fields. A lot of poetry and light-heartedness.
  • Sunrise Color – Whether you are photographing the newlyweds, a beautiful landscape, or simply children playing, if you want to emphasize the magical moment of sunset then this is certainly the most suitable preset.
  • Super Color The perfect balance between color, light and contrast, for a perfectly balanced result which is elegant and very lively.

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