Lightroom Brushes


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The Complete Lightroom Brushes Bundle includes 60 Local Adjustments Brushes selection specialized and organized by themes:

  • Skin Retouch,
  • Eyes Retouch
  • Mouth & Hair
  • Color Correction
  • Tone & Exposure
  • Contrast & Details

As each photo is unique, you can intervene in a targeted way to improve only specific features of an image. Is suitable for anyone who wishes to expand the choice of the Local Adjustments Brushes with a single purchase while saving a lot of money and a lot of time in choosing the right brush for the desired result. Experience the difference, turn your photos into a work of art.


  • Works with RAW & JPEG Images
  • Works for Mac or Pc user
  • Fully customizable and instant download
  • Not-destructive workflow
  • Are not Photoshop actions

What’s included

  • 60 Local Adjustment Brushes for Lightroom Classic CC
  • Instructions


Local Adjustments Brushes:

  • Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC

Enhance your photos in an instant, experience the difference yourself

Brushes Bundle

Complete Brushes Bundle – Lr and ACR Presets Pro

These collection for Lightroom Classic  were made by professional photographers to offer you the best quality. With these brushes tools  you can add a professional look to your photographs in an instant and save a lot of time in post-production. With the Local Adjustments Brushes you can make fine adjustments by changing only the specific parameter without altering the selected preset.

The 60 brushes that can only be used with Lightroom Classic CC allow you to work locally on the photograph without altering the presets. You will be able to make specific changes even only on a specific area of ​​the photo. As each photo is unique, you can intervene in a targeted way to improve only specific features of an image, such as the eyes in a portrait, to give brightness to the skin of the face or emphasize the sunset in a landscape: in few words, fine-tune your photo. At any time in an instant you can return to the original picture without wasting time in uploading it again.

60 Local Adjustments Brushes (Lightroom Classic CC only)

  • Skin Retouch – Skin Bright, Skin Smoother Retouch, Smooth White Skin, Skin Sun Tun, Powder Skin, Natural Skin, Cheeks Color Enhancer, Babe Pink Skin, Babe White & Smooth Skin, Porcelain Skin
  • Eyes Retouch: – Eyebrows Enhancer, Eyelashes Enhancer, EyCERes Enhancer, Eyes Whiten, Iris Enhancer, No Red Eyes, Eye In Focus, Beautiful Eyes
  • Mouth & Hair – Teeth Whiten, Lips Brighter, Lips Color, Blonde Hair
  • Color Correction – Natural Color, Warm Color, Enhancer Color, Color Desaturate, Color Apricot, Color Cornflower, Color Peach, Color Purple, Color Rosy, Soft Pink Color, Saturation, Black & White, Cool Color, Saturation Details, No Oversaturation
  • Tone & Exposure – Highlights Protections, Sky Enhancer, Soft Light, More Light, Light to Dark, Darken, Lighten, Fill Flash, Bright Shadows, Dodge Soft, White Dress, Burn Brush, Shadows & Light, Sky Recovery
  • Contrast & Details Sharpen & Contrast, Texture Details, Contrast Details, Nice Contrast, Bright Contrast, More Details, Sharpen, Contrast Foreground, Background Blur


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